Virtual 5K


Saturday, June 12th, 2021

The DHFS5K Race Staff is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars Virtual 5K!!!

Over the past 10 years we have had many dear friends and LEO supporters across this great country that let us know that they would like to honor the cause by running in spirit! We could not be more appreciative for this outpouring of support.

There is no fee to sign up but, If you are planning on participating please use the following link and register so that we can add you to our Virtual Participant Map: If you would like to receive a race shirt the cost is $25.00 (Shipping is included).There is an option to purchase your shirt on the virtual sign up tab.  

We would like to encourage you to post a picture or video with a shout out to us to let us know that you are running that day whether it be in honor of Derek, someone you have lost in the line of duty, or in support of LEOs currently serving. Please Tag us @DHFS5K and use the tags (#DHFS5K and #DHFS5K2020) or if you prefer, send them privately to

Please accept this invitation and, pick your favorite route to run or walk with us on Saturday June 13th, 2020. 

Thanks to all that are running virtual 5Ks in support of our cause!!

With Much Love and Appreciation,
The Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars Race Committee
and The Hotsinpiller Family


Informational Video for using (click here)

Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars Virtual 5K 2021 Map.  Congratulations and 

thanks to all that are running virtual 5Ks in support of our cause!!

Virtual Run Photos from around the Country!

Virtual Run from Superior Court! DUSM Montmarquet, DUSM Knutson and DUSM Patcher
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87359746 335619727372436 4613542298997751808 n
87382612 619217655529360 6844331905765081088 n
87387456 3093282230682954 4436105994430316544 n
87516247 481936512501762 6386596496338321408 n
87543651 184729346166235 7211101080388632576 n
87543663 277420436555086 2099798567437729792 n
87549128 195581095132295 6519896982532653056 n
87594947 192826971937022 6029806510723301376 n
87608247 3903186169722268 8139717123392929792 n
87668970 1062215647471313 4012769325969571840 n
87832379 645729489527469 8092307105421197312 n
87848720 219922989051585 1693800295403880448 n
87896802 3261078870589048 8119205403264286720 n

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